Top 3 Package Delivery Customs Holdups

Shipping internationally can be as trying for the recipient as it is for the shipper. In the post-9/11 world, there have been more challenges than ever, but you can still get quick delivery at an affordable price with the right partner. The key is in attacking the bottleneck that usually occurs at customs. When your package makes its way into this part of the process, you need a company that knows how to effectively deal with the most common problems you’re likely to face. While not every issue can be controlled, here are the top three where a strong shipping partner can help.

Missing and Flawed Documentation

With international shipping, your bill of lading is essential. If you lose it or submit flawed documents that don’t jibe with the package itself, then it’s likely that you’ll be waiting a long time and incurring charges in the process. With an experienced shipping company, you can deal with issues like this one by learning of the problem in advance and obtaining an indemnity letter to verify goods. 

Physical Damage to the Package

Another common customs problem that an experienced shipper can help you navigate is physical damage to the container or contents. By taking time and care in packing the materials, you can greatly reduce the chances of physical damage occurring and forgo this expense. Partnering with a strong shipping company will help to automate this process.


This entry is a bit of an offshoot in the sense that it can occur as a result of poorly packed materials or missing documentation. With demurrage, you can occur fees and a loss of shipping time whenever something happens that keeps the package in carrier storage. The quicker that you can push the package through and clear customs hurdles, the more likely you are to avoid this hold up and the fees that come with it.

As you consider a partner for your international shipping, make sure that you are working with a company experienced at dealing with customs issues. You want a company that can get quick feedback on potential issues and move quickly to address them so packages are not stuck in limbo and fees don’t continue to climb. PuntoMio is an option well worth your consideration. Let us know how we can help you with your shipping needs today.

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