About Us

PuntoMio is a U.S. Shopping Facilitator designed to enable our customers in Latin America and throughout the world, to conveniently shop at thousands of U.S. e-tailers from the comfort of their own homes.

In conjunction with our parent company SkyPostal Networks, the largest international mail service in Latin America we provide our customers with an actual U.S. address that they use to receive their U.S. purchases and we deliver those purchases directly to their home or business in their country.

PuntoMio was founded in May 2008 by experts, with over 50 years of combined experience in Latin America, in the field of international customs and logistics. Headquartered in Florida, near the Miami International Airport, also known as the Gateway to the Americas, we are perfectly situated to provide our customers with the fastest and most efficient delivery of their U.S. purchases anywhere.

We make the challenges associated with shopping in the U.S. a thing of the past by combining:

  1. The convenience of the Internet
  2. The utility of a 'virtual suite' U.S. postal address:
    John Smith
    Suite BR1001
    2992 NW 75th Ave
    Miami, Florida 33106-4803
  3. The logistical expertise of an international courier service

Our website, and the tools that come with it, provides unmatched service to our customers by creating one place where all of their U.S. shopping needs can be met.

PuntoMio provides you with:

  • Your own address in the United States beginning from the time you register.
  • Recommendations on where to shop in the U.S.A. and what to buy.
  • Customs and Shipping information for each country.
  • Use PuntoMio’s calculator to quote how much it costs to buy your product in the U.S., including shipping costs.
  • Complete visibility and tracking of your purchases.

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