5 Top 2016 Travel Destinations to Consider

If you love travel, you may feel as if you have already explored everywhere you possible can. However, there are about 196 countries in the world, so there are probably quite a few places you haven’t yet traveled. Explore the five top destinations to travel in 2016 to see if any of them will turn into your next vacation spot.

Destination #1: Latvia

Latvia is located in the Northern European Baltic area. It used to be part of the Soviet Union, but has changed greatly in the past 25 years. The scenery in this country is simply magical. It has vast pine forests that are dotted with ruins of castles and manor houses. Riga is really the only city with the rest of the country being a nature wonderland. The country also has many interesting visitor sites, like the former KGB headquarters, which is now a museum.

Destination #2: Palau

Palau actually saw a surge of visitors in 2015, but it is still one of the hot 2016 travel destinations. This country is a group of islands located in the North Pacific Ocean. It is a paradise for those who love the water and offers amazing opportunities for snorkeling and diving. There is also Jellyfish Lake, which is unique all in its own right. This lake is home to millions of jellyfish, who have no poisonous sting, so you can snorkel among them for a close-up view.

Destination #3: USA

Even if you have been here before, you probably haven’t fully explored the country. The “lower 48” states alone offer a chance to explore various geography and climates. Hawaii and Alaska add to this as a tropical paradise and frozen wonderland. This is why it is on the list of the five top destinations to travel in 2016.

The National Park system in the country is turning 100 in 2016. The parks offer different experiences based on where in the country you are, which can be an amazing opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts. Of course, there are the major tourist stops, such as New York City and Hollywood, where you can shop U.S. stores for travel needs, like Magellans or Kaehler, and see some of the country’s most famous tourist stops.

Destination #4: Japan

Japan is a top destination to travel in 2016 because the yen has lost some value, making your travel dollars go a bit further in this country, and the country is hosting the 2020 Olympics and is already starting to prepare, making it a prime time to see some of the Olympic preparations first hand before the world gets to see them. Japan is an interesting mix of ancient and modern customs and architecture that offers a unique experience.

Destination #5:Botswana

The last of the five top destinations to travel in 2016 is Botswana, located in southern Africa. Perhaps the biggest draw to this African country is the wildlife. Africa is known for being home to animals you can’t find anywhere else in the world, except in zoos. Here, though, they wander in the wild and are at home in their natural habitats. It is an incomparable experience to go on a safari to see these animals.

While there are many places to travel in the world, these five top destinations to travel in 2016 are all places you need to go. They each offer something unique, whether it is stunning coral reefs, beautiful wildlife or captivating ancient cultural rituals. If you choose one of these places to go in 2016, you won’t be disappointed.

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