5 Popular Video Games for Kids in 2016

There have been some really great games released near the end of 2015 that are proving to be the most sought after video games for kids in 2016. It all really depends on what type of video game you are looking for as to which ones you think are going to be the most popular 2016 video games for kids.

Game 1: For the Star Wars Enthusiast

Video games for kids that use well-known characters or that are based on a popular story are always going to be good sellers. That is especially true for Star Wars Battlefront. This game has seen amazing popularity thanks to the fact that the new Star Wars movie is being released. People who are fans of the series will definitely be in line to scoop up this game.

Game 2: For Science Fiction Lovers

Science fiction has been seeing a major surge in popularity, so it isn’t very surprising that some of the most popular video games for kids are those with science fiction storylines. Assasin’s Creed Syndicate is one of those games. This game is part of an ongoing saga that revolves around many science fiction type ideas, like genetic memory retrieval and virtual reality.

Game 3: For Multi-players

One of the top games coming out at stores all over the U.S., like Game Bay, where you can shop for kid’s video games in the U.S., is the next submission to the Halo series. Halo 5: Guardians is the first Halo game that is being made for the Xbox One. So players with this new system can finally enjoy Halo. Halo 5 starts up where Halo 4 left off. It is playable by four players at once. This game is actually great for those new to multi-player or single shooter style games because it is quite easy to use and begin playing. Because it often takes time for Halo to be adapted for use on PC, Halo 5 is likely to be seen as one of the topi video games for kids well into 2016.

Game 4: For Wannabe Soldiers

It is no surprise that military style video games for kids stay on top every year. This year’s newest addition is Call of Duty Black Ops 3. The Call of Duty series has seen great success in the past and no doubt will with this newest addition, too. This game is set in the future, but it is different from the others in the series that took place in the future because robots play a huge role in the storyline this time around.

Game 5: For All Ages

Of course, not everyone is into shooting games or wants to deal with violence. For the younger kids, there is the incredibly popular LEGO Dimensions. LEGOs have never really went out of fashion with kids. It seems everyone has played with them at one point or another. This video game taps into that to become one of the popular video games for kids in 2016. The best part about this game and why it is going to stay popular in 2016 is because LEGO is releasing expansion packs throughout the year.

While it can be hard to say exactly what video games are going to be popular video games for kids in 2016, these five sure do look promising. Many of them are playing off the popularity of previous games in their series, while other capitalize on the popularity of the product or characters that people know and love.

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