5 Gifts for the Crossfitter in Your Life

If you are into Crossfit, or perhaps you are close to a Crossfitter, then you know how important the tools of this workout trade are to survival. This health platform demands much of one’s body, and it’s easier to meet those demands if you come prepared. That’s why PuntoMio has consulted with some of its retail partners to bring you some essential gift ideas for the Crossfitter in your life. Let’s do this!

ProSource Abdominal AB Exercise Mat Core Trainer — High Density

Crossfit is going to teach you to use muscles you weren’t even aware that you had, and it’s going to do it quickly and unforgivingly. The abs are one of the many areas not immune from this treatment, and as such it helps to have all the core training help you can get. That’s where ProSource’s piece comes in, which you can pick up on Amazon for around $20.

Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps

It may not be weightlifting or hardcore bodybuilding, but Crossfit is not going to let you off the hook when it comes to moving heavy objects and putting heavy stress on your body and joints. The hands are frequently targeted, and if you’re doing Crossfit without wrist wraps, it can take a quick toll on you and kill your desire to continue. Nordic offers some of the best quality, bestselling wrist wraps in the Crossfit industry, and you can get a pair (four wraps total) for around $20.

Deep Tissue Massage AccuPoint Roller

With most workouts, you eventually get used to the stress and are able to handle it better in a week or two than you do in the first couple of days. Crossfit is constantly challenging you beyond that, and it helps to get your body as relaxed and renewed after a hard workout as you possibly can. Enter deep tissue massage. Amazon features one of the better-rated products out there that you can get for around $18.

Reebok Crossfit Nano Training Shoes

The prices can run the gamut from $60 on the cheap end to $500 on the high. That’s because they often differ from materials, colors, construction, and stability. However, Reebok is one of the best in the Crossfit industry for knowing what these types of athletes put their bodies through, and they’ve crafted footwear built to last on virtually every level. Check out some of the myriad options here.

Cross Training WOD Bible by P Selter

Maybe you don’t have the budget for a full-on Crossfit class right now, or maybe you just want to brush up when you’re away from the sessions. Either way P Selter has you covered with this monolithic guide to all things cross training. The subtitle says it all: “555 Workouts from Beginner to Ballistic.” If you’re in to self-teaching (and adept at it), then this is the book that you’ll want on your library shelf. Paperback version is around $13, or you might be able to read it for free via Kindle Unlimited, provided you’re able to set up an Amazon account using a PuntoMio U.S. shipping address.

Also, while many of the products on this list are linked via Amazon, you may want to do some comparison shopping over at PuntoMio by first looking at some of our other partners. While Amazon is one of the most consumer-friendly in the business, they don’t win on price every time, so it’s definitely worth a search!

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