To shop in the U.S. from your home in Latin America, your best choice is PuntoMio

Most US stores require a US delivery address for you to be able to shop. PuntoMio provides you with a U.S. address absolutely free with zero maintenance costs. Additionally, PuntoMio is a tax free address which means you will save 7% sales tax on all purchases sent here. Once your packages are received, we we will ship them to your country, clear customs and deliver to your door.

Why Choose PuntoMio for Latin American shopping in the U.S.?

Shop at your favorite U.S. stores with PuntoMio!

PuntoMio will take your best-loved products direct to your door in Latin American or the Caribbean.

How PuntoMio works

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Our customers say:

  • Rory

    I live in Bahamas and it was always hard to find a good way to bring things from the U.S. It was a nice surprise for me when I read in the news that Brandsmart had partnered with PuntoMio and that we could shop for the things we wanted in their website and...

  • Marcela Ibañez

    I was always looking for a company I could use for forwarding my packages from the US to Perú and I have finally found one that really provides everything I was looking for. With PuntoMio I don’t have to go to customs to get my packages because they take care...